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10/05/2019 18:05

As a part of the project “Women’s Club: Jewish Girl Community” Veronika Roslova, a sexologist-psychoanalyst, held a training “Discover yourself as a woman” on February 3.

LION always tries to please everyone. Accordingly, LION does not forget about women. LION is proud of women, who are inspired by new acquaintances in the women’s club “Jewish Girl Community”. That is why there was something very special on February 3. The invited expert, sexologist-psychoanalyst Veronika Roslova, held an interesting training for our guests – “Discover yourself as a woman.” She told how to love yourself, to live positively and to look “awesome” despite the problems! These and many other issues were addressed by our women. All women who came were very pleased with the work done. After all, when a woman looks good and feels good, she tries to do her best in everything. Every woman is a source of beauty!