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20/05/2018 17:36


On December 19, volunteers of the “League of Jewish Volunteering” visited the warm house where we had been invited earlier.

As soon as the volunteers entered the house, they felt a pleasant and cozy atmosphere peculiar to this place. From the very beginning, the visitors of the warm house had a tour of the library, since this place was created within the library.

A grandfather told us about his hobby and showed the work on the cutting from pumpkins, which is hand made. Later, our volunteers told the wards about Hanukkah, and they filled together Hanukkah donuts with different fillings. The prepared treats were very tasty, which made the participants feel happy. They talked a lot and got to know each other more closely. After that everyone played in sevivon (dreidl), it was a pleasant ending of the day, full of laughter and happy smiles.

The volunteers were in a good mood, the participants, very nice people, were very grateful and invited us to visit them. So the volunteers are very happy that they have visited their warm house.

They will celebrate the birthday of one of the participants in a warm house soon. Lion will come there and congratulate the ward.

Target audience: from 10 to 15 people aged 20 – 45 years.