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07/01/2019 16:08

Congratulations to clients of warm home with the holiday of Sukkot.

On September 24, the volunteers of the League of Jewish Volunteers visited the Warm House for the wards of Hesed Shaarei Zion.

In honor of the holiday of Sukkot, the Lion volunteers told the participants the story of one of the main holidays of the Jewish people. In their turn, the wards shared the traditions of the holiday with the volunteers. In Sukkot people have meals, and if the weather is good, people spend the night outside the house in the sukkah (that is a tent or hut) in memory of the Jews wandering around the Sinai desert.

We like to observe how adults respect traditions and we are happy that Sukkot is quietly celebrated nowadays. Upon completion of the planned part of the event, the volunteers didn’t want to leave the place, as the lecturer of the Warm House told a lot of interesting things about the upcoming holidays. After that, many of the wards shared their stories and read passages from works about Sukkot.

To summarize, we would like to express our gratitude to Faina Iosifovna (the head of the Warm House) for the warm welcome and pleasant atmosphere.

Looking forward to the next meeting!