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20/05/2018 17:43


On October 22 2017, there was held “The Maccabiah Games in Odessa” in the Hillel Sport Park in the Old Market Square.

Our partners – 16 volunteers from the Odessa National Medical University and 28 elderly people of the “Wings of Kindness” project took part in this sport event. There were many fans on both sides in the stands.

This event had been being prepared for 2 months. There were held sports contests and demonstration performances on oriental combat of the volunteer-student of the Odessa National Medical University.

“The Maccabiah Games in Odessa” turned into a joyful competition, which drove away all the clouds in Odessa through the smiles and optimism of the participants. Thanks to the favorable weather!!!

We hope that this is the first competition that will turn into permanent meetings in the sports arena!

Only young people can call old age a rest period. (S. Lukyanenko).

We can only dream of peace – this has been proved once again by volunteers of the project “Wings of Kindness”.