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17/05/2018 16:22

On February 21, there was held a meeting with the participants of the “Life without gadgets” project.

At the beginning of the event, Alena Sverdlova, a psychologist, told the children about the upcoming Purim holiday. They discussed together the history of the holiday, the children themselves added some interesting facts and traditions of celebration. Then they continued the topic of the last lesson and learned to express their thoughts with the help of associations through pictures, situations, traditions.

It is important nowadays not only to write posts on the Internet, but also to be interesting and creative in real life. It was joyful to watch the active discussion of the ideas, which arose during the lessons, the smiles and spirit of the children, who were giving examples of school situations and showing warmth and friendliness to each other.

Children need to have a society which understands, support and listens to them as well as accept them. Volunteers hope that the meeting with parents and children in our warm atmosphere will be a pleasant tradition in the future.