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11/02/2019 13:15

On December 1, the volunteers of the League of Jewish Volunteering organizes and participated in the action “Scarf – bombing”. The main purpose of the action is to provide warm clothes (scarves) those in need, to spread information about places of assistance to people in Odessa.

As soon as winter came, the volunteers started doing good deeds again. In the very center of the city in Starobazarny Square, LION volunteers and people who were not indifferent, hung hand-woven or simply warm scarves on the trees so that everyone who needs warm clothes could use them. Also, warm wishes and addresses of feeding centers and heating points in our city were printed. Such actions unite and inspire people.

The most active and caring participants received a BKind card as a gift. These are cards of good deeds of the whole globe. People pass them to each other whenever they do a good deed, share them to say thanks, thus spreading good deeds all over the planet. After all, together we make the reality better!