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18/02/2019 16:51

On January 25, on the eve of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, volunteers of the League of Jewish Volunteers visited one of the Hesed Shaarei Tzion wards, Zinaida Efimovna, a former Ghetto prisoner, to meet Shabbat together.

Friday is a quiet and peaceful time for Zinaida Efimovna. But there is a “but”. She remembers and honors all the traditions of Shabbat, except the lighting of candles. The fire affected her life. She is not an ordinary woman of “golden age”. Zinaida Efimovna is very strong and brave woman, as she survived that terrible time called Holocaust. We talked about the war, that painful and difficult time, when she and her family were ghetto prisoners. We can’t even imagine what she felt when she was a child.

In the cold season, they were held prisoners by fascists. She remembers the war with pain and bitterness, when there was no food and they survived as they could – they ate snow. She has a great life experience and will never forget that time. She can’t watch movies about the war and hold back her tears when she is talking about it. We are very grateful to Zinaida Efimovna for the meeting and story of her life full of pain and fear, which she conveyed to us. We highly appreciate Zinaida Efimovna and sincerely wish her good health!