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23/05/2019 14:08

As a part of the “Shabbat in Hesed” project, the volunteers of “OVC” and the students of “Hillel” held a traditional Shabbat for the wards of the “Hesed Shaarei Zion” Charitable Foundation on March 29.

Shabbat is rest; Shabbat is awareness; Shabbat is pleasure. Students of Hillel and volunteers from the Odessa Volunteer Community held a traditional Shabbat for the wards of the Hesed Shaarei Zion Charitable Foundation. They recalled the traditions and culture of the Jewish people, discussed the peculiarities of this day, why it is so important to light candles, what the Kiddush is, and why it is necessary to read the blessing on challahs.

After the traditional part, the volunteers had a small interactive lesson for the guests in honor of the past holiday of Purim. In addition, they drank a cup of tea with pleasure and ate Hamantaschen – traditional treats of this holiday, which were brought by the volunteers to the meeting.