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28/08/2019 17:03

Odessa Volunteer Community volunteers together with friends from the United States visited participants of the Warm House program on August 7. The program operates on the basis of the Hesed Shaarei Zion Charitable Foundation.

Warm houses – are places where older wards gather for a lunch and leisure time once a week. During the visit, guests from the USA talked about their purpose of stay in Ukraine and the work of Jewish centers abroad. The wards shared stories about their volunteer activities at Hesed. Someone is engaged in an embroidery club, others organize tea parties and educational programs, someone helps with medical documents and a card file.

Of course, there were also songs and dances! Our representatives and wards performed the Odessa folklore song “Shalandy polnye kefali”, and the volunteers translated the whole text for the American guests! They were very excited!

After dinner, volunteers gave small surprises to each guest volunteers, so that no one left the meeting with nothing.