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20/05/2018 17:30

On January 28, there was held a meeting within the context of the current School of Volunteers by the League of Jewish Volunteering. The topic of the meeting was the concept of “Dementia”.

The lecture was conducted by a professional – Svetlana Leonidovna Chachko (practical psychologist, candidate of psychological sciences, associate professor of the Department of General Psychology and Psychology of Personality Development in Odesa I. I. Mechnikov National University).

A large number of volunteers came to the meeting, and we were very happy for that. It was important for them to understand what is “dementia”. We have managed to pass the introductory part in one day. We’ve got a clear definition of this incurable disease, we’ve also learned about the possibilities to facilitate life of our wards with various classes and workshops, without harming them emotionally.

Our meeting was very interesting, and most importantly – informative for volunteers, who will learn the way to work with the wards properly in the framework of the “Feel life” project in the near future.