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02/02/2016 22:23

The project «V_Family»  started in April 2015. It consists of three blocks: “Eco-Block”, “Animal Aid” and “Help to the Needy”.

Проект «V_Family» 5

In May 2015 the first part of the project, “Eco Block”, was finished. Sixty eight volunteers participated in it, among them there were LEV volunteers, parents and children. Withing the project different master classes for all volunteers were held.  Besides that the master class for children”Our Nature” was organized.

Проект «V_Family» 2

The volunteers  from LEV held the eco master class for all interested people. Children and their parents got the opportunity to try hand at drawing during the “Joint Picture” lesson on the topic “Nature and Environment”. Besides that 14 saplings were planted. Finally, humanitarian aid (medicine, food, toys) was collected and the volunteers visited the orphanage. The next part of the project, “Animal Aid”, starts in mid-October 2015.

Проект «V_Family» 4