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17/05/2018 16:20

We practice visiting various places in Odessa to enhance the cultural development of children at risk, with special needs and from large and low-income families. It is important for their entertainment and this helps to promote them public, historical and cultural values.

The “League of Jewish Volunteering” and the Petting Zoo “MAKKI-PAKKI” in the City Center mall organized a fascinating and interesting leisure for our children from the program supported by “Hesed Shaarey Zion”.

On February 28, such a snowy day, the zoo opened its doors and gave a pleasure to the children with its incredible journey into the world of animals and birds, which left a lot of warm memories in children’s hearts.

The children were pleased to meet the animals that they could see only in books. We went around the zoo together with the children and saw all the animals.

The event turned into an unforgettable fairy tale for everyone. The animals reacted to the children’s kindness as well, which was even more fun. After meeting the animals of the zoo, the children were very excited, and the emotions of the volunteers and participants were running high. This day made us happy and gave us pleasant memories for a long time.