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17/10/2018 12:41

The purpose of the project is to pack a schoolbag with school supplies for children from socially disadvantaged families, participants of various social programs and children, who found themselves without parents at the beginning of the school year.

On August 26, we made the official closure of the all-Ukrainian charity event “Pack a schoolbag for a child”, which lasted from August 1 to 26.

The event was organized in the form of a noisy school fair, called “The Musical Balcony”, where each visitor helped to collect the necessary school supplies for children from socially unprotected families and get lemonade as a gift. There were also a variety of food courts, puzzles and live music performed by “Jazz Inside Project”, Mary s.k. and DJ The evening was rowdy and atmospheric.

In a warm, friendly atmosphere, we sang, danced, talked, smiled at each other. We met guests and passers-by. Everyone who just passed by and stopped to ask something, did not remain indifferent and, of course, joined our fair.

LION Volunteers were pleased to answer all questions, helped and treated everyone who came to our “Musical balcony”. Thanks a lot to everyone who took part in our action! Children will be very grateful to you for the warmth of your hearts and, of course, for school supplies!