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18/01/2018 18:59

Project purpose: The project is focused on the communication with over-65 wards of “Hesed”, understanding of their importance in our life, provision of assistance to them in obtaining the new information and traditions respecting

Target audience: from 10 to 15 people from 65 years old

Within the permanent project “Not Alone” during the period from October, 8 to October, 10 the League of the Jewish Volunteering congratulated the wards of Charity Foundation «Hesed Shaarey Tsion” on the occasion of Jewish holiday “Succoth “. Volunteers of the LJV celebrated with the wards this holiday described in Torah, told about it and about traditions of its carrying out. The wards met us very hospitably, with the laid tables as it is established on the holiday Sukkot when the guests are invited in tents. We have perfectly spent time together. Volunteers spoke speak for a length of time about activity of their center, and the wards told about their long and interesting life, and, of course, gave us parting words.