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18/01/2018 18:53

Target audience: Groups from 10 to 30 people from 5 up to 14 years old
On October, 9 a regular meeting of the “Make a Gift of Joy” project which is focused on children with special needs and risk groups of “The JFS Children’s Program” took place. The action was dedicated to the holiday Succoth during which the Jewish people give their due to the ancestors who lived forty years in the desert in various tents – booths after their outcome from Egypt. These tents were constructed of make-shifts. In retrospect we live seven days in similar tents, where we invite guests and lay a table. The League of the Jewish Volunteering (LJV) has decided to invite children and tell them about those times, to render their importance and relevance for nowadays. Volunteers prepared a quiz in the course of which the winners received crockery and clay vases which were made by children engaged in the other LJV project. After that everyone was involved into the construction of a small booth or a tent by means of matches, glue and different office supplies for decoration of the beautiful masterpieces. Not only children were interested in such activity, but also their mothers, fathers, grandmothers who came together with them. Even volunteers wanted to construct their mini- booth. It was an unforgettable meeting which took place in a homelike and warm atmosphere appropriately to holiday.