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20/05/2018 17:38


On December 17, there was held a big event organized by the “League of Jewish Volunteering” and the Jewish Cultural Center “Beit Grand”.

On this day, there was a big charity fair called “Lion on the Ice”, which was held in the amusement park “Odessa”. Even the rain did not spoil a good mood, cheerful charity fair, skating, celebrating Hanukkah and lighting candles, joyful communication with people who came to the skating rink.

It was very symbolic to place a large lion on the ice, in order to create an appropriate atmosphere. It served as a decoration for the photos of our guests.

At our event, due to the cooperation of the league with charitable foundation “Family Plus”, there were invited the children from Boarding School No. 87 for hearing impaired people, who were able to skate a lot and this was a significant feedback for volunteers, to see these joyful faces and happy eyes of children, each of them could feel the miracle of the holiday.

Each participant of this event had the opportunity to go skating with the whole family, and after that they could taste donuts, tea and mulled wine. All the guests were going to warm themselves in this place, especially during the rain. This served as a warm and cozy atmosphere inside the place.

We would like to share good news with you. During the charity fair there were installed boxes for collecting things on the territory of the rink, which were filled with a large number of gifts, clothes and necessary things. These things will go to those people, who really need it. Many thanks to the guests who helped to collect the things and who gave a sum of money and put it in the box.

Thanks to all volunteers for their help. They were dressed in bright orange T-shirts, like one big team. The guests were interested in our League and wanted to join us. Therefore, we will be very glad to see new people who will come to our meetings.

Target audience: from 15 to 70 people aged 16 to 50 years.