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20/05/2018 17:39


On December 3 there was a casting – selection in “Leviki” studio. The opening of the new studio was attended by many children and their parents, and this made us sincerely pleased. All those people who came there were in a good mood, communicated with each other and with the teachers.

Dear friends, we want to congratulate everybody on the opening of the theater and musical studio “Leviki” from the “League of Jewish Volunteering” in the Jewish Cultural Center “Beit Grand”.

The Jewish theater and musical studio “Leviki” is aimed at children in the preschool and school stages of personal development, as this is the age when it’s high time to determine the abilities and talents of children, to provide them with a platform for self-realization and the opportunity to express themselves in all kinds of musical and theater creativity.

At the selection, all the kids were accepted, because of all of them have talent. They are excellent children. At the first meeting, the future theater-lovers could immediately feel free, they sang and danced a lot. We managed to sing Hanukkah songs and share our knowledge about the upcoming festival of lights.

Our wonderful teachers played the game “Crocodile” with the children. The main task in the game is to explain the words with movements and signs. This allowed the teachers to notice the artistic abilities of children.

Additionally, they listened to a small lecture on how to walk properly on a stage and look like an actor. At the end of the event, both mothers and children said they were looking forward to the next meeting.

Target audience: from 5 to 15 people aged 16 to 40 years.