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20/05/2018 17:40

The club is intended only for Jewish girls and women, to relax, distract, find new acquaintances. We provide leisure time for girls and women, who are busy at work or with family.

On November 26, there was held a grandiose opening of a new project of the “League of Jewish Volunteering” named “Jewish Girl Community”. A famous Jewish singer Mary performing modern musical hits opened the first meeting, which was called “Religion and Fashion”. Girls and women who came to the meeting enjoyed music, communicated with each other, served wine and kosher desserts.

The next part of the meeting was the presentation of the League and this new project by the coordinator of Lion. Then Miriam Dadashev – Mary’s outfit clothing designer, presented her collection of kosher dresses, told about the fabrics of which the everyday and evening dresses were made. She also told the guests what women’s modesty in the Jewish world means and why it is necessary to dress girls in that way.

Later we learned about the history of the fashion of Jewish kosher clothes. The designer showed how correctly cover the head with handkerchiefs or scarves. She promised all the girls that in the next meeting she would show a collection of these scarves, the winding of which was developed by herself so that it would be easier for girls to cover the head in everyday life. According to Jewish laws, girls should not sing in a place where there is at least one man. But since our club exists exclusively for women, after interesting excursion into the world of Jewish fashion, Rachel Wiener completed our pleasant evening, who also performed several musical numbers, especially her own songs. This made our meeting more beautiful and pleasant.

On December 17, there was the second meeting of the project “Jewish Girl Community” for Jewish girls and women. This Hanukkah event from the “League of Jewish Volunteering” we called “Wonder Child”, because Hanukkah is a miracle holiday. Unfortunately, the weather was not favorable. Because of the heavy rain, not everyone could reach us at the meeting. It was possible to come there and warm up, tasting delicious food and wine, in a pleasant, festive, Hanukkah atmosphere.

During the event, there was interesting discussion about raising children and their relationship with parents. It was not enough to answer all questions in one evening, so the participants expressed a wish to continue discussion about children at the next meeting.

Thanks to the beginning psychologist Oksana, for the help in carrying out this evening.