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20/05/2018 17:33

On January 21, there was held a meeting called “Miracle Child” for our dear Jewish girls and women in the context of the “Jewish Girl Community” project from the “League of Jewish Volunteers”.
At the second meeting of this topic, we discussed the issues of raising children and communicating with them correctly, we were talking about the rules of successful parents, so that their children grow up as happy people. At the event there was very interesting lecture from the psychologist Oksana, who shared her experience with us and provided advice. In addition, she told us that the important component in communication between parents and children is the feeling of love, care and support.
This evening was interesting for everyone to take part in the discussion, since we listened to all opinions and this was important for everyone. Thus, after the event people were very happy and now they are waiting for the next day of the project.