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20/05/2018 17:31


We could not pass by people in need and helped to create favorable conditions for elderly ward of Hesed – Victor Fedorovich.

Volunteers of the “League of Jewish Volunteering” found a man who helped to establish a ramp for the ward in the wheelchair. Leonid, our assistant has already completed the installation of the necessary ramp.

In addition, the child Bogdan Mayorov, the ward of “Hesed Shaarey Zion” with the 4th degree of scoliosis, dislocation and subluxation of the hip joints, Kimmerle’s anomaly, cerebral palsy, Epilepsy and heart disease needed a special hard mattress with springs. Pavel Kozlenko (a great friend of the League and director of the Holocaust museum) immediately responded to this request and bought a mattress for the boy.