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20/05/2018 17:37


On December 19, two charitable concerts were held at the Jewish Cultural Center “Beit Grand” – the show “Great dreamers. The 20-th century” from the School of Scientific Wonders.

Thus, the League of Jewish Volunteering congratulated children from large families, families of migrants and children with disabilities from the regional boarding schools with Hanukkah.

The show “Great dreamers” had a great success, and the children were excited. After the presentation, each guest was offered donuts in honor of the holiday.

Moreover, on this day, we gave the children necessary things: clothes, toys and treats, which were collected in advance at a charity fair. The whole event turned into a big, bright and interesting celebration, and most importantly, all the kids were very pleased with that. The volunteers had a positive impact, seeing the happy eyes of children!

Target audience: from 10 to 20 people aged 18 to 40 years.