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17/10/2018 15:35

More than 15 volunteers from the Odessa Volunteer Community took part in Good Deeds Festival.

Every volunteer had his/her own responsibility, someone was in charge of the children’s program, someone assisted at the fair of public organizations, someone was responsible for the scene and the performance of the artists.

On June 10, Deribasovskaya street hosted the final event of the Weeks of Good Deeds project, namely, “Good Deeds Festival”. Nobody was bored or lonely due to an intense program. There was held the children’s Mini Mini Marathon, flash mob and a holiday with children and animators, children’s yoga, as well as a concert program! A hot weekend started with a race for young athletes.

“… This year we decided to join the” Weeks of Good Deeds ” project and hold something athletic. Therefore, we organized a race for children. The concept of the Mini Mini Marathon is divided by distance and age. We had only four distances: 42, 100, 200 and 420 meters, and the age category from 3 to 14 years. We are only in favor of adopting the European experience, and today’s event is a good example of that, because this form of events impresses our citizens. Since 30 minutes before the start we closed the registration of participants, there were a total of 500 people, while another 100 children could not attend the marathon because of its small capacity and large scale. There were 24 prize-winning places “, – said Vitaliy Gilevich, the organizer of Mini Mini Marathon.

There are both sportsmen and active rest lovers among the participants. For example, Katya is 9 years old: she is a professional athlete and participates in many competitions. Her younger sister Tasya ran the marathon for the first time today.

“… – We were interested in the event, and it was funnier to be there together. Sport is great! We need more such races,” the girls said.

All participating children received memorable medals, certificates and pleasant gifts, and also took part in the drawing of sneakers. However, those children who did not participate in the marathon, had fun in the City Garden. There were lots of bright balloons, soap bubbles, quizzes, sports master classes and animators, who entertained the kids. The organizers said that there was provided entertainment for parents, too.

“… In addition to children’s events, we have a fair of public organizations. They introduce the citizens of Odessa to their activities, talk about their projects, in order to unite as many people as possible, and to expand the social effect. There was arranged a children’s program with animators from the entertainment network “Colorito” in the Rotunda. In addition, we invited representatives of yoga and held lectures for parents on informal education for communication with children, “said Yevgeny Horzhevsky, the head of the organizing committee of the Weeks of Good Deeds project.

The culmination of “Good Deeds Festival” was an evening concert in which Odessa musical groups, students from Odessa universities, BESPEKA, DukeTime, Premier Project, show-ballet “Alexandrite” took part. Pavel Vugelman, Vice Mayor of Odessa, greeted Odessa and its citizens. He thanked the organizers for the successful eight weeks of good deeds, and, not for the first time, started rapping directly from the scene.

“… – One of our main tasks is to cultivate the habit of doing good deeds. The project is held in several countries and in more than 150 cities around the world, and it already lasts not for a week, but for two months only in Odessa. And every year the number of festival days is growing, and more and more people are joining us. It is not difficult to do good deeds, and we should strive to make more Odessa citizens do good deeds. I am sure that today we are on the right way,” stressed Pavel Vugelman.

Let’s note: this year, there were held about 159 events for eight weeks and 760 volunteers were involved in the Weesk of Good Deeds project. Remember: if you want to help, you do not always need a big financial investment, but only a desire to help!

Many thanks to news agency “Odessa-Media” for the photo report

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