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17/10/2018 14:12

The aim of the project: to motivate children with special needs and help them get ready for school as well as to spend a good time.

From August 6 to 17, there was organized a Children’s Day Camp by the League of Jewish Volunteering for children with special needs and capabilities, for children at risk and low-income family children.

LION volunteers were engaged in the education of children, helped them get ready for school and did everything possible so that the children have a wonderful time. Every day started with physical exercises for keeping energy till the end of the day.

We studied English, solved mathematical problems, wrote from dictation and essays. And some of the children even wrote their own poems. In addition, we were still engaged in art: we drew picture, sculpted, did quilling and made various handicrafts.

We also organized dance competitions and interesting quizzes for teams. It was an unforgettable two weeks of study, holiday and entertainment! The children were very happy and remembered this camp for a long time!