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20/05/2018 17:35


On December 24, there was held the “Hanukkah performance” of the music and theater studio “Leviki” from the “League of Jewish Volunteering”.

As usual, our meeting began with a lesson, but later it turned into a magnificent concert of children who attend the Leviki studio in honor of the Hanukkah holiday. Despite the fact that the “Leviki” has recently appeared, the kids could present a complete concert for forty minutes to their parents and all the guests.

The children sang, danced and told poems. The first performance from the studio was wonderful, and the guests were happy. At the end of the concert, there was an unofficial part with snacks, sweet drinks and a disco for children.

Volunteers and teachers are very pleased with such achievements of children and promise to please you in the future.

Target audience: from 15 to 50 people aged 16 to 50 years.